Dating yellow ware. Preliminary Considerations on Roman pottery from a rescue excavation at Noviodunum

Sîrbu, V. Volum omagial Gavrilă Simion coeditor , Tulcea. Bujor, E. AD ; Hayes , 18, fig. Valeriu Sârbu for the initial cultural identification of the pottery fragments as Sarmatian. XII, , p.

Progresului, nr.

Caltagirone, city of ceramics

Sectorul extra muros nord I. Artefacte din materii dure animale descoperite în şi Proiectul Troesmis Muzeului Naţional al Literaturii Române, Bucureşti,dating yellow ware. FebruarDr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn,pagini, figuri şi 34 tabele în text.

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Equinox, Londonpag. Creaţia în metale preţioase din Dacia preromană, Ed. Simetria, Bucureşti,p. Comentariu istoric şi arheologic. Historical and archaeological commentary, Editura Ex Ponto, Constanţa,p.

Prefaţă de prof.


Mihai Mitu, Editura Istros, Brăila,p. Daniela LUPU For this reason, the archaeological team decided to first dig a 30 × 2 m trench N-S orientated.


The pottery was discovered in a waste pit 3 × 2 m at the top In the same context, some earthen lamps and moulds, which will be published separately, were also found.

Rezumat: Ceramica care face obiectul acestui articol a fost descoperită ca urmare a unui sondaj de evaluare de teren pentru verificarea potențialului arheologic a unei zone aflate la aproximativ m S-V de ruinele cetății Noviodunum, teren pe care ar urma să fie realizată o investiție sediul Poliției de Frontieră — Isaccea pe cca.

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În acest scop a fost practicată o secțiune de 30 × 2 m orientată N — S. La adâncimea de 0,50 m au fost identificate fragmente de tencuială pictată, fragmente ceramice apaținând epocilor romane și medievale, fragmente de sticlă, mortar, materiale de construcție, un mormânt de inhumație fără inventar, orientat Dating yellow ware, etc.

Ceramica publicată aici a fost descoperită într- o groapă menajeră cu dimensiunile de 3 × 2 m în partea superioară, la - 0,55 m sub nivelul actual dating yellow ware călcare, care se îngustează în trepte până la - 1,70 m. Menționăm că în același context arheologic au mai fost descoperite opaițe și tipare de opaițe care vor face obiectul unui studiu separat. Key dating în malawi Noviodunum Isaccea, pottery, typology, Early Roman period, Getae, archaeological excavation.

Cuvinte cheie: Noviodunum Isaccea, ceramică, tipologie, dating yellow ware romană timpurie, getic, arheologie, cercetări arheologice. Being one of the most important strategic points of the Roman rule at the northern border of Moesia, Noviodunum is known as the headquarters of Classis Flavia Moesica1 Pl. Progresului, 32,Romania. XII,p. Preliminary Considerations on Roman pottery from Noviodunum systematically excavated in previous years7 from the tumular cemetery, as well as other studies concerning more or less the Early Roman pottery.

The Medieval Ceramic Sequence From Noviodunum

Few supports or amphora-stands some of them discarded because of manufacturing flaws or lamp moulds are listed in the catalogue — a sign that the kilns area is not far. The poor state of preservation of the shards does not always allow certain identifications. Except for the non Roman shards and the few Late Roman specimens, the pottery material resulted from the excavation can be accommodated within the limit of the first three centuries AD. There is a degree of uncertainty here, due to the small number of imports that can be dated more accurately, dating yellow ware they suggest the acordul de relație de dating date.

Although it is more limited in number, the non Roman material in the area may be contemporary with the earliest Roman material, by typology. In the absence of other evidence for dating, such as buildings or kilns, certainly situated nearby, the pit fill and the scattered fragments of pottery found there thus suggest that the area was inhabited in the first centuries AD.

An important part of the excavated material appears to be earlier than the 3rd century AD, but the smaller amount of fineware found here can only lead to preliminary interpretations. Joining fragments are very scarce and it was impossible to find a single complete vessel. It is therefore possible that the lower part of the pit fill is a gradual accumulation rather than a single dump, but the records are not sufficient to establish this with certainty, therefore we have preferred to treat the fill as a single entity.

(PDF) The Medieval Ceramic Sequence From Noviodunum | Adrian Popescu -

The pottery fragments from the upper fill of the pit and in the entire area are mixed, and some of these pieces are clearly made later than the others. Therefore we did not catalogue them separately, because of their rarity, representing an insignificant percentage of the entire lot.

In fact it would be strange not marte dating venus find late Roman pottery, considering the position of the nearby Roman and late Roman fortification.

Although pottery appeared in average quantities, the stratigraphic contexts in which it was found often did not provide precise chronological information, so that individual types are dated here mainly by comparison with examples from other sites. The nature of the context of each published item is noted in the catalogue. The ceramic 7 Baumann i. The first remark concerning the found Roman dating yellow ware is the diversity of shapes and fabrics. Regarding the kitchenware category, it is difficult to determine clearly which vessel was locally produced and which was dating yellow ware, given that the common shapes were in use in the first three centuries AD.

For that reason, we consider that a general discussion about the precise provenance of the pottery can be held after the completion of the archaeological excavation, when a substantial lot will have been subject to the archaeological analysis.

For the time being, we will briefly mention the main functional categories listed in the catalogue.

Progresului, nr. Sectorul extra muros nord I. Artefacte din materii dure animale descoperite în şi

The majority of the amphorae certainly have Pontic origins, but in some cases the origins are questionable. Considering the poor state of preservation disparate fragmentswe preferred to mention even some unlikely analogies from other dating yellow ware of the Empire. Kitchenware As far as the cooking pots are concerned, in some cases i.

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Few examples can be dated to the Late Roman period, being discovered mostly in the upper fill of the pit. Fortunately, in most cases we have found analogies in Moesia and Dacia provinces, but some similarities with western provinces mostly analogies from Italy and Spain prove that this functional category circulated the same as the fineware.

Nevertheless we have no reason to believe that the majority of the pots were not locally produced, west Pontic especially as the classic oriental shapes are missing. The main features of the cooking pots are the reddish coarse dating yellow ware resulted from oxidized firing with limestone and silver mica in composition and the traces of secondary burning on the exterior.

Some pieces have a groove on the upper inside rim to fit a lid, but this is not a general characteristic of the entire assemblage. Pans sometime wrongly identified in the bibliography as bowls or plates - depending on the found analogies are divided in different types and variants, and were certainly used for cooking, mostly because of the coarse fabric and obvious secondary burning traces on the outside.

Noviodunum Tableware The bowl category includes the only example no. Drink ware Pitchers, jugs and mugs are almost equally represented in the general picture of archaeological finds, fitting the general shapes from the early Roman times.

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Interesting points concerning storage vessels are brought by three fragments of a probably pithos decorated with multiple waves and horizontal lines. The vessels placed in the miscellaneous section are fragments of turibula or vessels missing elements of identification. The amphora-stand finds enrich the specific literature on this subject and answer some legitimate questions concerning the rarity of these instruments in Moesia.

AD discovered at Noviodunum. Nevertheless, the Sarmatians are mentioned in the area in the first century AD20 during the military expedition of Roman governor Tiberius Plautius Silvanus Aelianus to the North of the Danube. Bottom fragment of an amphora,S 1, Ch — 0. References: Rădulescu, pl.

AD ; Ramón Torresfig. Rim fragment of amphora,S 1, C 2, h — 0. References: Zeest, pl.

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  • Lucrul acesta nu trebuie să ne mire, întrucât lumea greco-romană, de care se ocupă arheologia clasică, cea al cărei reprezentant îi dedic aceste rânduri, tinde să devină un adevărat model pentru contemporaneitate.

AD or Zeest type 73, pl. AD ; Bogdan-Cătăniciu, Barnea, fig. Rim and handle fragments of an amphora,S1, C2, h- 0. References: 19 Thanks to dr. Valeriu Sârbu for dating yellow ware initial cultural identification of the pottery fragments as Sarmatian. III, 10, ; Tacitus, Hist. I, A similar combination of Roman shards, pithoi decorated with waves and hand-made pottery was found in early 3rd century Sântana de Mureş-Cerneahov culture; Bichir; Bichir Noviodunum Zeesttype 72, Pl.

AD ; Paraschiv17, Pl. Fragmentary rim of amphora,S 2, h—0.

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References: Zeest, Pl. AD ; Dyczek, type 29, Fig. Fragmentary rim of amphora,S1, G1, preserved height 6. Fragmentary amphora bottom,S 2, h — 0. AD ; Ramon Tórresfig. References: Bogdan-Cătăniciu, Barneafig. AD ; Paraschivpl. Amphora rim and handle,S1, G1, preserved height — 10 cm, rim diameter — 11 cm, reddish semi-fine fabric with rare iron oxide particles, white-yellow slip on the exterior, Munsell 7. References: Opaiţ, Paraschivp.

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Fragmentary rim of amphora,S1, G1, preserved height — 5. References: Bogdan-Cătăniciu, Barnea, fig. AD ; Acconci, Gabrieli, fig. Rim fragment of an amphora,S1, C2, h — 0. Noviodunum Pots Rim fragment of a pot,S 1, Ch — 0. References: Suceveanu, pl. AD ; BruknerT. AD ;