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Operating life with full batteries: approx. Delete data Air pressure adjustment Search for transmitter sensors There is a separate symbol for the weat Electrostatic charge can also influence the measuring results.

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Read the operating instructions carefully and use the product as described in the instructions to avoid injury and speed ​​dating undervisning. We accept no responsibility for damage resulting from inappropriate use and failure to comply with the safety instructions.

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The word Do not place the weather station or the external sensor in direct sunlight. At temperatures above 60 °C also depending on the type of batterythe battery acid may leak.

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Power Supply: Weather station: 6 x 1. J Never short-circuit the connection poles.

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Operating life with full batteries: approx. This means that the dew point has been reached and the cooled air contains the maximum possible water vapour at this temperature. Setting up the weather station: The weather station comes with a pre-assembled stand, making it easy to set up the weather station in the desired position. Page 8 Commissioning The wind gauge must be positioned horizontally to guarantee accurate measurements.

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Vane Hanger Wind gauge assembly: Choose a suitable location for your wind gauge. Walls reduce the transmission range. Check the signal reception on the weather station before final assembly.

Seznam výrobků a služeb 4 Kapalné provozní látky průmyslové oleje a tuky a mazadla lubrikační laky pro vakuová čerpadla;Technické vakuové izolační tuky.

Ideally, the wind gauge should be mounted on a mast or roof of a house, where the wind can act directly on the wind gauge. A mast is required with a diameter of approx. Mount the wind gauge as shown below with the hexagonal socket head bolt, washers, mounting screws and nuts Page 9 Inserting and replacing batteries 9.

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When one of the two battery rows is full, a beep sounds. Push the battery compartment cover in the opposite direction to the arrows until it engages. Delete data Air pressure adjustment Search for transmitter sensors Page 11 Device overview Button Press once Press for approx.

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Rain gauge: Leaf filter Battery compartment Rain rocker Follow the procedure outlined below: — Before inserting the battery, point the vane north.

The wind gauge is now calibrated. North MAST Page 13 Weather station basic settings Weather station basic settings The year now appears on the display.

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If none of the setting buttons has been pressed for speed ​​dating undervisning. Page 14 Weather station basic settings

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