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He was convinced that the patristic tradition holds the solution He was convinced that the patristic tradition holds the dating seminarii sydney to his quest, as quite a few of the early Christian and Byzantine theologians engaged with the knowledge of their time.

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From the patristic tradition he learned that the human mystery is irreducible to any one definition and that, in its complexity, the human phenomenon requires multidisciplinary decoding. It is for this reason that, after identifying the highlights of theological anthropology, he proceeded to translate the traditional wisdom into the vocabulary of contemporary disciplines and views.

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This includes scientific and philosophical terms. The first section outlines his articulation of the human phenomenon as complex and multilayered.

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The second section considers his interdisciplinary approach, by which he proved that the human mystery reveals its content only through a corresponding approach, namely, when looked at through the multifocal lens of disciplines and viewpoints.

In like manner, theological anthropology remains unaffected by the scientific exploration of human nature. But his greatest contribution, I posit, is the fact that, in so doing, that is, by showing an alternate route leading away from the battlefield, his solution frees believers of fear—fear of science, of research, of technological advancements, and of critical thinking.

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In addition, his solution shows that the ethical values can be reaffirmed within the context of a new theological anthropology whose scientific implications do not hinder its spiritual valences.