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Rosetti , he "commanded upon a unit of street-sweepers and toilet-cleaners. At the time, it drew attention with its attacks on the PNR leadership, whom Filipescu had accused of disloyalty toward Greater Romania. His continued weakness required a blood transfusion, which was again accepted by his organism.

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Biography[ edit ] Early life and career[ edit ] A native of Bucharesthe was the first of five children born to Nicolae Filipescu and his wife Maria Blaremberg; he had a brother and three sisters. Duca[3] Grigore's later rival in politics.

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  • Prin natura sa, strict sonoră, teatrul radiofonic reprezintă o formă de a transforma scena în ceva minunat, pentru a transmite concentrat prin dialog, muzică şi sunete, mesaje complexe', a declarat Principele Nicolae.
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His great-grandfather, Colonel Vladimir de Blaremberg, claimed Huguenot lineage, but was more likely an illegitimate Bourbon. Their union produced three sons, of whom politician Nicolae Moret Blaremberg was the eldest, and Constantin, Filipescu's grandfather, was the second born.

Married to Maria Băleanu, he trupe de întâlniri most of the Ghica estate in Moara Vlăsieiwhich later went to the Filipescus.

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Ghikawho was briefly Minister of Foreign Affairs. Inhe enrolled in the Zürich Polytechnicgraduating in After becoming an engineer, he studied at the law faculty of the University of Parisearning a qualification as a lawyer.

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He witnessed Rakovsky's disputes with Romanian nationalistswhich, as he wrote incall of dating wiretap him the certainty that socialism would eventually win.

Cantacuzino and a representative of the Cantacuzene aristocrats. The couple had no children.

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This passion ran in the family: Constantin Blaremberg had enjoyed horse racing, and pioneered sports journalism with the newspaper Sportul. In November he organized the largest athletic event in Call of dating wiretap up to that date, himself taking part in matches.

The proposal, initiated by the Social-Democrats leader Liviu Dragnea, has come just a few weeks ahead the general elections.

He first rose to prominence during the earliest stages of World War I, when Romania was still a neutral country: inhe joined a commission headed by Colonel Vasile Rudeanu, which was tasked with negotiating arms deals in Italy, France, and Switzerland. He focused on Alexandru Marghilomanwho stood accused of plotting to establish a Germanophile cabinet and of consciously undermining France—Romania relations.

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However, he noted that the PNL's neutralism had "some arguments in its favor. Grigore followed the Romanian administration and saw action on the front, advancing to the rank of Sub-lieutenantwhile also joining the Labor Party, formed in by George Diamandy and other left-wing defectors from the PNL. Mârzescuit was Filipescu who organized the torchlight parade of Januaryin which Averescu was hailed as "tomorrow's government leader".

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Filipescu was included on the team of negotiators under Take Ionescu, but his presence there was vetoed by the Austro-Hungarian delegation. According to notes kept by Radu R.

Rosettihe "commanded upon a unit of street-sweepers and toilet-cleaners.

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He was as invested and as cowardly as his father had been courageous. The two dueled with pistols in Iașibut purposefully missed.

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His father had founded Epoca newspaper inand in Septemberthe son decided to revive the moribund outfit, buying the trademark from its nominal owner, Timoleon Pisani. In exchange for backing from the latter two, the newspaper owners joined the administration of Marmorosch Blank Bank[11] alongside Duca, Toma Stelianand Alexandru Vaida-Voevod.

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While Blank's influence was exaggerated, he did have a say in the editorial policy.