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It is dominated by Basilica A, and delimited by the eastern and northern sides of the city wall and the cardo and decumanus main streets Fig. The buildings had different functions — habitation, commercial, and grain storage — and were completely excavated in order to allow the investigation of the last occupational level or that of the repair and use of buildings1.

All the buildings were in use during the Late Roman period, with their dating also confirmed by the coins discovered during the excavations2.

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Basilica A Fig. It has then been established the existence of a Christian basilica with three naves, a crypt and 33 dating 22 atrium, and some annexes on both the southern five rooms and northern sides, the latter partly investigated by the present authors.

The church was built around ADoverlapping the levelling debris of the 2nd— 4th century buildings and also superposing the pavement of a 4th century street. During a later phase in the 6th century, the basilica was repaired and the pavement level went up with ca. The chronological relation between the present day basilica, on the one hand, and the atrium and the other annexes, on the other hand, is as follows: the walls of the annexes are abutted — not bonded together with those of the basilica; for the atrium, and at least 33 dating 22 of the annexes on the southern side, one must consider their almost contemporaneity.

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A transformation of the atrium during the second phase of the basilica must also be taken into account4. Research in Sector A was resumed for a short period between and by Liana Oța5, and thereafter systematically by the 33 dating 22 of two excavation areas Fig.

The main purpose of these excavations was to verify the results of previous geomagnetic investigations6, as well as to extend 3.

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The purpose of the investigations carried out since in the sector conventionally called Sector A North of Basilica A, Fig. The archaeological research is carried out by investigating parallel trenches, oriented perpendicular to the northern side of the basilica, starting from the city wall and reaching the cardo, numbered in the continuation of the old trenches. From to38 trenches with a standard size of 5 × 3 m, disposed in a grid system, with one-meter baulks between them were excavated.

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Depending on the requirements of the research, local topography and the already existing monuments, baulks were dismantled and more trenches of varying sizes were drawn. The general stratigraphy of the investigated area is the following: vegetal layer; gravel mixed with grey soil; grey soil; debris with fragments of tiles, bricks and stones; yellow ash coat clay and occupation layer — clay floor.

Until now8, some edifices were excavated completely, while others only partially Fig. Inthe excavation of Edifice A5 Catalogue nos.

At the same time, the narrow space between Edifices A4 and A5 was researched Catalogue no. Between andEdifice A15 was investigated Catalogue nos. However, the stratigraphic observations made so far allowed us to understand the different phases prior to the construction of the basilica, and its function 2 4.

  • It is dominated by Basilica A, and delimited by the eastern and northern sides of the city wall and the cardo and decumanus main streets Fig.
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Two annexes of the basilica were also uncovered; one on the northeastern corner and the other on the 33 dating 22 corners of the basilica. The same as the basilica, its annexes were built on the ruins of earlier buildings dated between the 2nd and the 4th century.

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To the north and northwest of the atrium and its annex were investigated the remains of yet another edifice, partially overlapping the cardo. In the debris of this building, on its threshold, a coin was found Catalogue No.

The other edifices functioned at the same time as the basilica, perhaps as its annexes. In time, the archaeological research and the isolated finds have outlined the image of the 33 dating 22 circulation at Tropaeum Traiani during the Roman-Byzantine period, but the scientific exploitation of the data is still unsatisfactory. Other than earlier or newer papers10, presenting accidental finds or the results of the archaeological research, there is also the publication of an important hoard consisting of Roman imperial denarii, a 4th century coin hoard, and two Byzantine ones from the 6th century AD.

The hoard of the Roman imperial denarii from Nero to Septimus Severus consists of coins and was uncovered during the excavations carried out in in sector A, ca.

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The second Roman period hoard consists of 14 bronze coins minted between AD and and was discovered in in Sector D, south of the Eastern Gate. It is thought that the deposit was accidentally lost in the years AD —during the construction of the foundation in which it was found The first Byzantine hoard, buried during the reign of Emperor Maurice, was 33 dating 22 during the excavations carried out in and contained gold and bronze coins as well as a gold ring The second Byzantine hoard, consisted of 13 bronze coins from Justin II, Tiberius II and Maurice, and was discovered during the archaeological season inside tower no.

Another scientific work prepared in the s, but published only inintroduced into the literature a consistent batch of Byzantine coins from the collection of the Museum of National History and Archaeology in Constanța Recently, also for the Byzantine period, the monetary circulation at Tropaeum Traiani has been the 5. Roman and Byzantine coins discovered at Tropaeum Traiani subject of the detailed publication of the coins discovered during 33 dating 22 archaeological research undertaken in sector C The coin finds from Sector D were analysed in a study from Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins were discovered during the research carried out between andand remains still the most important publication In the present article, 22 coins recovered from the archaeological excavations in Sector A are analysed.

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From the above, 17 date to the Late Roman period and five are Byzantine, dated to the 6th century AD. The oldest coin, recovered unfortunately from the vegetal layer, is a common metal antoninianus, minted in Rome during Emperor Claudius II AD — Similar pieces from the older excavations at Tropaeum Traiani are mentioned in publications In Dobrudja, discoveries of antoniniani from Claudius II are reported especially at the major settlements such as Durostorum six pieces, among them, one found during the excavations inSucidava-Izvoarele one 21, Sacidava one 22, Capidava two 23, Carsium three 24, Noviodunum two 25, Aegyssus two 26, Halmyris one 27, Histria 25 from older discoveries28, while three pieces were recently discovered in andTomis nine 30 and Callatis one Most of the coins recovered during the archaeological excavations are from the 4th and the beginning of the 5th centuries.

From Constantius II there are two pieces: one minted at Antioch in AD — and discovered in the Edifice A5 in the debris of the 33 dating 22 wall, and the second 3 6.

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33 dating 22 bad state of preservation prevented the identification of six bronze coins from the 4th— 5th centuries AD. The fifth century is represented by a coin from Marcian, the only piece from this emperor so far discovered in Sector A. Within the Tropaeum Traiani site, however, another ten bronze coins from Emperor Marcian are known from literature A better distribution of the Marcian coins is also attested in other settlements from the Late Roman Empire, situated on the Danube or on the Black Sea coast: Durostorum two pieces from Constantinople33 and another four sfaturi pentru întâlniri după 30 de ani an unknown mint34Capidava one from Constantinople35, one from an unknown mint36 and three coins more recently discovered inandTroesmis one piece minted in Constantinople38 and another one from an unknown mint39Noviodunum 14 40, Aegyssus one 41, Halmyris one piece with a monogram in the wreath 42, Histria three pieces from Thessalonica 43 and Tomis coins from Constantinople44, Thessalonica45, Nicomedia46, and two from an unknown mint Other single coin finds from Dobrudja are known from Babadag Tulcea County, two pieces 48, Pecineaga, Constanţa County, one piece minted in Constantinople 49, and another three coins with an unknown place of discovery, one piece minted in Nicomedia50 and two from an unknown mint This brief overview offers a slightly different picture from that previously known, in terms of quantity of the coins minted 33 dating 22 Emperor Marcian and their introduction in circulation in Dobrudja During the archaeological excavations in Sector A 7.

In Dobrudja, discoveries of the subdivisions of this category, put into circulation during the reign of Justin I, do not lack, but they are rarely encountered.

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At Tropaeum Traiani, there were also two other five nummia pieces, one issued in Antiochia AD — 53 and another one in Constantinople Finds of pentanummia from Justin I were also reported at: Sucidava Izvoarele 55, Axiopolis56, Troesmis57, Tomis three specimens 58 and Enisala59, and three others with unknown provenance The monetary specimens from Justinian I and Justin II, follis or subdivisions, are frequently encountered at Tropaeum Traiani, as it is known from publications The numismatic sources show that the life continued after the dramatic 33 dating 22 of the Avar attack, documented in excavations by strong fire debris For example, the hoard discovered in in Tower no.