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Încheiați arcul povestirii epice Dread Masters au fost eliberați de jucători de la Belsavis la lansarea jocului și de atunci au provocat un dezastru. Și, în sfârșit, Legacy va introduce evaluări SWTOR PvP, bănci de breaslă, capacitatea de a modifica interfața, texturi îmbunătățite pentru personaje, culori noi de săbii cu laser, afecțiune cu droidurile navelor, rețete noi pentru meșteșuguri, noi montare și animale de companie, noi emotes, picături vechi.

Swtor Marauder class Sith warrior, also can go as juggernaught or marauder, but id like to outpoint the marauder itself.

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Starting off, marauder is a pretty hard character to handle, most ppl considered it a broken swtor pvp, as in worthless class, mostly imo because they didnt swtor pvp know how to friggen use the character, they had to many skills to use, and just couldnt face it, its those ppl who acctually speed ​​dating sarasota florida basingstoke speed ​​dating play something easy, like a bounty hunter arsenal for example press the tracer spam indeed, it only requires one button to play it wonderfully About the attacking skills, its a pretty vide scale, depending on each player what they prefer to play as a marauder.

Either use dots to take down your foe, or use a slight boosted dmg while u focus one target, or just mass damage a whole group that is near you, and nuking them to oblivion : But getting past that, the marauder not only he is a good dmg dealer, it also swtor pvp a pretty decent defence, and can be used as a great asset along warzones.

They can hold quite some dmg, and allow the range dps on theyr team, swtor pvp focus down targets fast, while the marauder just grabs everyone up from the opposing team.

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Mostly, marauder is the class that gets alot of focus down along a healerusually because,if they get ignored, they can wipe out alot of targets, if they are played properly, so a marauder isnt a class that you rlly want to ignore, especially if we are talking about a nuker builded one. Currently in swtor, since 1. Some people might disagree, i tend to consider the opposite.

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