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Deși rata deceselor a fost comparabilă cu cea din restul Europei, redresarea economică a durat mai mult din cauza populației mici și împrăștiate. App is under constant development, It will be updated with more features later.

Different tasks libraries have to perform in universities and scientific community. He will give a speed ​​dating bergen norvegia view on different tasks libraries perform in reseach infrastructure and education, in publication procedures and processing scientific research- data.

He will throw a glance at the activities of the German libraries in this areas of work. Changes in reading: some psychological aspects of Reading 2.

Emerging new quality in reading is described in the paper via Reading 2. This concept is in turn contrasted with the concept of a Solitary reader that focuses on some aspects of the reading process as perceived in the past.

In this context some psychological aspects of Reading 2. Some examples taken from discussions originating in online communities of Serbia are presented in regards to defined scenarios. Paper advocates further research in this area by describing benefits that might arise from better understanding of discussed phenomena and by providing certain conclusions on research directions and possibilities. Research Processes and researcher education.

How can academic libraries contribute? Gunnstein Speed ​​dating bergen norvegia, Most academic libraries today are involved in transformation processes, especially since digital archives and digital services for customers are continually prioritised.

These libraries have also become research libraries as young researchers increasingly use the library facilities and employ the library itself as workplace to a greater extent than was previously the case. Librarians are also increasingly involved in research related activities. I will explore the manner in which the three cycles of the Bologna process create a great need for research education at all three levels, i.

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I will partly focus on PhD students' situation. It is important that the academic libraries continue to improve the quality of access to and use of their collections in order for the educational benefits for young researchers to be optimised.

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Open Access is, among other things, of great importance in this context. This reorganisation must involve close cooperation between faculties, scientific communities and supervisors. I will include some examples of the restructuring that has taken place at the University of Bergen Library, Norway. Milica Stevanović, Vesna Crnogorac Public Library of Dating maroc Serbia, Serbian Library Association The revolutionary changes that have come with the new information and communication technologies have also encompassed a whole historical paradigm based on the book and library.

The current access to information from any speed ​​dating bergen norvegia and at any time has put an end to the librarycentric world and replaced it with web culture. The changes have affected the whole speed ​​dating bergen norvegia universe, ranging from the very concept of the library, which is not just a physical place any more, to the nature of information, the way of its organization, storing and spreading, to the users who have wolftyla și dating special k from passive recipients into active participants and creators of different contents in the Web 2.

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All these changes have also brought about discussions on the sense and future of the libraries. On the basis of the above-mentioned questions and problematizing the deeprooted non-critical stands on the concept and importance of information as such, this paper deals with the facts in intellectual, social and psychological sphere which remain permanent and unchanged despite all the technological novelties.

The need for a warm, friendly speed ​​dating bergen norvegia real environment, the necessity to apply graduality, individualization and adjustment to age as basic pedagogical principles are just some of them.

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The conclusion of the paper suggests the need for establishing a reasonable harmony between a brave innovation and traditional approach to organizing the library systems which also implies a work with the users. This century is marked as the most challenging time ever to be an instruction librarian. The body of information that a good instruction librarian must learn and apply has never been more plentiful. Today IL instructors must have a wide variety of knowledge and skills in their repertoire.

They must also know how to teach and they must be aware of individual differences in the way people learn pedagogical knowledge and skillsFurthermore, instruction librarians must feel confident and competent in using these knowledge and skills information literacy and pedagogy in order to employ them effectively.

Teaching efficacy, as a motivational construct, affects; the amount of effort a teacher will expand in teaching situation; persistence shown in the face of obstacles, such as a student in a failure situation; and resilience shown in the face of adverse situations.

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No other teacher characteristic has demonstrated such a consistent relationship to student achievement. Teaching efficacy is subject specific; a teacher may have a high level of personal efficaciousness in the science domain disiplinary efficacyyet feel inefficacious in pedagogical issues instructional efficacy.

In this paper, findings of a research which was conducted on 66 IL instructors from university libraries in Turkey will be presented.

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One survey was developed to doctoral school at Transilvania University of Brasov. It was focused on information literacy and needs of PhD students, current practices and strategies on: Finding resources for your literature review and beyond, "Copy right, not copycat" - Good academic practice when writing your thesis, Keeping your research up-to-date, Getting noticed: The databases that help you choose where to publish, Citation searching, Increasing your productivity by making the most of web 2.

It will be present survey results and recommendations. Keywords: information literacy, PhD candidates, citations, bibliometric, copyright.

Different tasks libraries have to perform in universities and scientific community. He will give a short view on different tasks libraries perform in reseach infrastructure and education, in publication procedures and processing scientific research- data. He will throw a glance at the activities of the German libraries in this areas of work. Changes in reading: some psychological aspects of Reading 2.

What we offer and what we expect from students on Information Literacy course? Also, based on questionnaires completed by students from the two universities mentioned above, students who have graduated such a course, we try to obtain the feedback from them regarding their expectations after following such a course.

Keywords: information literacy, curriculum, higher education, user expectations Tools for lifelong learning using Information Literacy Dunărea de Jos University of Galaţi The aim of the investigation is to develop useful tools for the lifelong learning, using the information literacy. The paper focuses on the state of the art related to the concept definitions, the evolution of the information literacy, standards and rules - applied in the information literacy - useful for anyone interested in being an information literate person.

One of the goals of this paper is to describe some models available in the information literacy teaching, as adequate solutions of the research tasks, processes or questions. Due to their simplicity, the models easily reveal the right steps in teaching and learning information literacy. The models presented have been developed as workflows in research processing.


Also, useful resources, which include more models connected to information literacy, are presented in this study. As a general conclusion, the information literacy can be defined as a concept related to the literacies that continuously improve due to the change and needs of the information society.

That is why the researchers always seek for new methods, strategies and teaching skills in order to design new models according to the information environment progress.

Tara guvernata de natura Itinerariu: Oslo Borgund Laerdal Flam Gudvangen Bergen Geiranger Alesund Kristiansund Trodheim Lillehammer Oslo Norvegia este mai mult decat o destinatie turistica, este o intoarcere la radacinile existentei, o serie de trairi si senzatii intr-o tara in care natura se gaseste in stare pura de mii si mii de ani! Norvegia este o tara a fiordurilor si a ghetarilor, a bisericilor inalte de lemn, a partiilor de schi fond si a miturilor si legendelor. Nota: Taxele de aeroport incluse in pret sunt cele valabile la data lansarii programului, respectiv septembrie In situatia majorarii de catre compania aeriana a acestor taxe pana la data emiterii biletelor de avion biletele se emit cu zile inainte de plecareagentia isi rezerva dreptul de a modifica pretul circuitului conform cu noile valori ale acestor taxe.

In the knowledge society, it became a necessity for all of us to be continually informed about the information literacy politics, best models adapted to the society needs, as requirements for better understanding and successful implementation of the research process.

Cuza University of Iaşi Middle Age Man has developed over time to assess the skills of informational books, dominant views of the importance of consecrating their assessment to support the Orthodox faith.

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Particular aspect is the polski dating site of the Romanian language in worship, through books written directly in the national language and translation up to year Begun under the impulse of the Counter Reformation and religious, the introduction of Romanian Orthodox church in worship was made possible by political and religious programs undertaken by the two fundamental institutions of the Romanian, the Lord Church.

By the middle of the eighteenth century, the Slavonic language was replaced in worship, and has since started another stage of culture, the modernization and expansion of the cultural horizon.

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A manifestation of modernization was translated books in the languages of the era in Romanian culture. Many scholars, connoisseurs of refined subtleties of theological language and production of the book were able to do bibliografierea and critical editions, to provide explanations of unfamiliar terms in time, translate and summarize books copied simultaneously. Readers and translators alike have issued both value judgments on the books they read or copy them, as well as to the authors.

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Towards the end of the eighteenth century, Enlightenment ideas influenced by secularization instruction signs appear, and start reading to be likened to a journey towards knowledge. Keywords: assessment information, religious reform, the Romanian Orthodox Church, the history book, the Romanian language, religious books, translations.

While literatures on the status and the fundamental roles of the teachers, as well as their efficiency in the process of education have been subject to many debates, however little is written on the causes that produce the involvement of the teachers in the process of integrated education.

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A recent study that I have conducted on March- May reveals some of the interrelated aspects that include motivation, satisfaction with work and social performance, with direct effects on the teachers, their colleagues, as well as on the students and their outcomes in all fields of education. By analyzing the influences of the internalized philosophy of education of the 60 Romanian teachers, the results show interesting connections between the holistic points of view on education, the know-how correlated to personal compass, including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, as well as psychological well-being.

Keywords: information literacy, holistic point of view on education, motivation, behavior, performance.